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We take care of food safety while you take care of business

From the most Basic Food Safety Training to the most comprehensive Food Safety Programme, we are proud to have brought the Burwater Advantage to the food industry since 1989.

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  • Bakery and Retail Food Safety
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  • Safe food is in our hands
  • Safe food is in all our interests
  • Ensuring safe food for your customers
Food Safety Thermometer1 Bakery and Retail Food Safety2 Consulting to Manufacturers3 Safe food is in our hands4 Safe food is in all our interests5 Ensuring safe food for your customers6

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NSF Burwater - New Zealand

NSF Burwater is your one-stop shop for all your Food Safety needs. Whether it’s Basic Food Safety Training or Food Safety Consultancy, implementing Risk Management Programme, producing a Food Control Plan or a Food Safety Programme, or even helping you to deal with a more immediate challenge, NSF Burwater’s team of knowledgeable consultants are here to help you and your business.


NSF International

Founded in 1944, our mission is to protect and improve global human health. As an independent, accredited organisation, we test, audit and certify products and systems as well as provide education and risk management. We take care of food safety, you take care of business. We provide comprehensive food safety training programmes and advice about food hygiene and how you can implement it for your Food & Beverage businesses.

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NSF Australia 

Offering the same level of service as NSF Burwater in New Zealand, NSF Australia consultants offer an unmatched level of expertise when at the cutting edge of a live product recall or when planning your risk mitigation strategy, in addition to the full range of Food Safety, Product Certification and Global Standards and Local Compliance.

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Learning and growing is about the unknowns and the amazings. Watch out for our “Crumbs” - they're our little morsels of food (and other) facts that you can wow your friends and family with. For example, Did You Know? In Eastern Africa, you can buy beer brewed from bananas.” Look out for more crumbs all over our website and enjoy them on our training courses.

Our motto is to say “Yes!” and make it happen

"No" is a word that is not understood at NSF Burwater. We aim to take on any challenge that our clients face and help to solve them. We have a team of experts that are skilled, knowledgeable and ready to help you with your food safety-related issues. With over 100 years of combined experience, our consultants can bring real experience and technical knowledge to your food business. Whether you have new ideas, need technical advice, have a small problem or a larger one, NSF Burwater is your one-stop shop for all your Food Safety needs. Just ask us!


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Specialist Training Made Simple

We aim to make training simple, fun and memorable. Our trainees enjoy their time with us and long after they have completed the course, whether it's our Basic Food Safety training or else, they still remember the lessons learnt. Training is an investment and we believe in ensuring that your training investment gives you a return. Plus, our consultants have a diverse background in Environmental Health, Food Science, Nutrition, Labelling, Food Safety, Food Production, Product Development and Manufacturing, Food Retailing, Training, Communications and Compliance, so you are guaranteed top-quality materials when you join in one of our Food Safety training programmes.

Cost-effective Solutions
for Food Safety

Food Safety is generally seen as a cost to the business. However, operating with good food safety systems will reduce wastage and improve products' quality, which eventually results in a greater customer satisfaction. Overall, it will also increase the profitability of the business versus the ones with no food safety systems in place. Ask us to review your food safety systems. From providing Food Safety advice to total management of the shelf life testing process, we provide the best solutions for your Food & Beverage businesses. See how we can help increase your bottom line!




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“Over the past few months, NSF Burwater have flawlessly accommodated all of our food safety training needs as well as tackling any logistical requirements. I look forward to our continued relationship.”  

 - Jamie Twigden, EVENT Cinemas Ltd


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