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Terms of Trade

Terms & Conditions

NSF Burwater ensure that we operate in a fair and beneficial way, please take some time to review our terms of trade below.

Payment Terms

For all new clients, until a credit history is established, payment in full is required prior to release of the Labelling Compliance Report. An invoice will be raised on completion of the work. Payment may be made by cash, cheque or direct credit.
For existing clients, an invoice shall be raised on completion of the work and provision of the Labelling Compliance Report. Payment is required within 7 days.

Training Course Terms and Conditions 

1. All course attendees must arrive 10 minutes prior to the course start time. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any attendee who arrives more than 15 minutes late to a course but they will be offered the chance to attend the course at a later date.

2. At the completion of the Basic Course, a multiple choice, open book exam will be conducted at the completion of the course. You will be given 30 minutes to complete the exam. A pass mark of 65% is required to receive your certificate. There is no exam for the Vital 2 Training course.

3. Certificates will be posted within 2 weeks of the course date, unless otherwise arranged.

4. Payment is required before the day of the course and once payment is received, your place on the course be confirmed by email or post. Payment for attendees who enrol less than three days before a course will be accepted on the day of the course by prior arrangement. The trainer reserves the right to refuse entry to an attendee if they have not enrolled prior to the day of the course.

5. If an attendee is unable to attend a course they have enrolled in due to unforeseen circumstances they will be given the opportunity to enrol in another course at a later date. If they choose not to rebook, their payment will be refunded minus a $25 admin fee.

6. Should an attendee attend the course and leave partway through of their own accord, no refunds will be given.

7. For Basic Food Safety training course, course notes and exams are available in English, Traditional Chinese, Cambodian and Korean. Vital 2 training course notes are only offered in English. Course notes will only be issued on the day of the course.

8. The course will be taught in English. If English is your second language, you are permitted to have an interpreter accompany you to the course free of charge and help you during the training session. The exam must be completed on the day of the course with no help from the interpreter. You must advise us prior to the day of the course if you wish to bring an interpreter.

9. To maintain the credibility of the food hygiene training certificates that we issue, NSF Burwater has a strict no cheating policy. If an attendee is caught cheating during the exam, they will be separated from the rest of the group and if cheating continues or a serious cheating incident occurs, they will be asked to leave the course immediately. If an attendee is asked to leave a course, there will be no refund of course fees. The attendee, however, will be given the opportunity to complete the exam at a later date under strictly controlled conditions at an extra charge of $50.

10. NSF Burwater reserves the right to cancel a course at any time. All measures will be taken to notify the enrolled attendees as soon as possible and reschedule them on a future course.

11. NSF Burwater reserves the right to submit a student's work for the purposes of external/national moderation.


Labelling Quotation Terms

  • The quote is valid for 30 days from the date of this letter and assumes all information about the product(s) necessary to perform the review will be provided by the client.
  • The client may be requested to obtain further information from the manufacturer or other sources before the review can commence.
  • Following acceptance of this quote and receipt of all necessary information from the client, NSF Burwater endeavours to complete label reviews within 7 working days.If the work is required more urgently, subject to Consultant availability, a ‘rush rate’ of 25% on top of the Total Cost (excluding GST) will apply.
  • A written report shall be e-mailed to the client upon completion of the work and settlement of fees. A hard copy can be provided by post if requested.
  • The cost includes an internal peer review system to ensure the information provided to the client is accurate.
  • Variations to the time and cost estimates may occur as the result of unforeseen events or information that arises during the project and will be raised with the client at that time should the estimate be likely to vary from the above.
  • Should the work take less time than that estimated above, the client will only be invoiced for the actual time taken.

Labelling Work - Disclaimer

The New Zealand School of Hygiene Ltd trading as NSF Burwater make all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information it provides at the time of writing. Legislation is open to regular review and amendment.  The information provided should not be relied on as legal advice or regarded as a substitute for legal advice. Therefore, NSF Burwater do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information, supplied by the client from which this labelling compliance report or consultative advice has been prepared. NSF Burwater take all reasonable steps to ensure that any document or information supplied to the client or regulatory authorities is accurate and legally appropriate but does not accept any responsibility on any grounds whatsoever, including negligence. The client indemnifies NSF Burwater against all claims from any other person. NSF Burwater also agree to keep all information provided by the client confidential, however should advice from an external agency be recommended, verbal permission will be first sought from the client.

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