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Automotive Recycler Certification

Automotive Recycler Certification for Australia and New Zealand

NSF International has expanded its automotive recycler certification program to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

NSF independent, third-party automotive recycler certification identifies recyclers meeting grading, labeling and traceability requirements as well as Australian and New Zealand recycler regulations for safety, environmental regulatory compliance and recordkeeping.

Recyclers that meet all certification requirements can use the NSF Certified Automotive Recycler mark on their website and promotional materials. NSF certified recyclers are included in NSF International's online listings and undergo ongoing facility audits to maintain certification.


· NSF automotive recycler certification helps insurers, regulators and consumers identify recyclers who meet rigorous grading, traceability and operational requirements.

· Certification ensures that processes are in place and implemented for vehicle acquisition, dismantling equipment, parts storage and sales as well as customer service.

· Certification adds confidence that the parts and the supplier are of the highest standard, and those facilities are sourcing parts through legitimate and traceable channels.

· Repairers can be confident the parts are legally sourced, accurately graded and service levels are industry leading.

Recycler certification complements NSF’s other automotive supply chain certification services to ensure the highest quality parts and services.

Automotive Parts Certification in Australia

NSF automotive parts certification enables repair shops and consumers throughout Australia to identify high-quality aftermarket auto parts that are independently tested in Australia.


NSF certification of automotive parts for the Australian market ensures that the parts are equivalent in form, fit and function to the original equipment (OE) service parts in Australia as well as meet the following requirements:

· Compliance with Australian Design Rules

· Parts material evaluations

· Performance and function requirements

· Vehicle test fits performed in Australia on Australian vehicles

· Dimensional and strength requirements

· Thickness and adhesion requirements for coatings

· Corrosion and flammability requirements (as appropriate)

· In-plant quality control requirements, which includes passing an in-plant audit, and

· Packaging requirements.

http://www.nsf.org/images/nsf/Auto_AU_300.jpgNSF certified parts purchased from the Australian distribution system are randomly tested on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance. The facilities in which the parts are manufactured also must meet numerous quality requirements including in-plant quality control testing, traceability and ISO 9001 certification. These facilities are audited on a quarterly basis to verify compliance with ISO and the other stringent quality requirements.

Automotive collision parts that meet all NSF International requirements use a state-of-the-art part tracking system with anti-counterfeit features, are authorized to bear an NSF “Certified Part Australia” two-piece tamper-proof certification label and are included in NSF’s certified product listings page.

The NSF mark ensures the part has been certified by NSF and is fully traceable from the point of inspection back to the raw materials from which the part was made.


· Consumers can find a high quality alternative part, guaranteed to meet all form, fit and function requirements by looking for the NSF “Certified Part Australia” label.

· Consumers and collision repair shops benefit from a competitive marketplace with high quality options for collision repair parts that are affordable and that come with a limited lifetime warranty.

· Collision repair shops also benefit because NSF certified parts are fit tested in vehicles to ensure they fit the first time, reducing time spent on repairs.

· Using cost-effective certified parts can reduce the number of vehicles that are totaled based on part repair cost.

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