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Technical Consulting

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Consulting and Training 

With over 100 years of combined food industry experience, NSF Burwater's Consultants can bring real experience and technical knowledge to your food business. Whether you have new ideas, need technical advice, have a small problem or a larger one, NSF Burwater is the one-stop shop for Food and Food Safety Consultancy.

Our consultants have a diverse background in Environmental Health, Food Science, Nutrition, Labelling, Food Safety, Food Production, Product Development and Manufacturing, Food Retailing, Training, Communications and Compliance.

We thrive on solving your problems and helping to ensure that you have a problem-free journey as you launch new products or services. Beyond our team, we have associates in the fields of Laboratory testing, Glass identification and Meat research.

So, whether you have a new idea, a contestable audit report, have stray micro-organisms or simply need a food expert on your team, you can feel confident in contacting us at info@burwater.co.nz



Shelf Life / Organoleptic Testing
Optimising product shelf life will not only significantly impact the saleability of the product but also impact its profitability within the food business. We can determine that the life of the product is optimal if there is a balance of quality, safety and commercial (financial) viability. Thus, the testing of a product's optimal shelf life is a vital part of the NPD and product commercialisation process. From providing advice to total management of the shelf life testing process, NSF Burwater’s consultants can support your business to optimise your products shelf life and maximise its financial impact.
Micro and Chemical Sampling and Testing
Routine testing of high-risk foods will provide vital data on the product's safety as well as your operations compliance to both internal and legal standards. In addition, the data collected would provide legal due diligence if a food safety incident occurred. Talk to the NSF Burwater team about our sampling services and the preferential testing rates that can be offered. 

 Labelling Review / Labelling Development
Having the correct labelling information is a legal requirement. However, maximising the content of the label can have a significant impact on the product perception and its sales. NSF Burwater has extensive experience in reviewing your current labels or the development of new labels to ensure compliance with labelling regulations and maximise customer perception of the product.     
Food Safety Program / Food Control Plan / HACCP  Development
The development and implementation of food safety programmes or food control plans require an understanding of a “systems” approach to managing food safely. With over 100 years of combined food industry knowledge, NSF Burwater’s team of consultants can provide the structure and technical expertise to build food safety into your business, providing legal due diligence, as well as adding the commercial advantage that comes whilst operating in a controlled manner.  

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Internal Auditing
Ensuring that all your operation is performing effectively to the required standard or system and in line with your organisation’s goals is a critical step in success. Regular internal audits are necessary to maintain control and pave the way for success. The auditing of systems also ensures they are performing effectively and identifies where improvements can be made.

With over 100 years of combined food industry experience, the NSF Burwater consultants can offer proven internal auditing and compliance reviews, either as a one-off service or as part of an ongoing management system review.

Training is an investment and we believe in ensuring that your training investment gives you returns. Check out our Training page to review our training services. Go to our Training page

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