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Basic Food Safety Training in Christchurch

At NSF Burwater, we believe our training programmes should be simple, fun and memorable, so our trainees remember what they have learnt and can apply the knowledge into their workplace. Our Basic Food Safety Training in Christchurch provides a fun and interactive training so you can familiarise yourself with the basic food safety knowledge.

Basic food safety is essential for everyone, not just for people running F&B businesses. Food safety is all about handling, storing and preparing food to prevent virus/bacteria infection. By mastering the skills and knowledge of basic food safety, you can confidently make sure that the food keeps sufficient nutrients for us to have a healthy diet. Unsafe food and water mean that it has been exposed to dirt, germs, bacterias and viruses, which may lead to infections or diseases such as diarrhoea and meningitis, to name a few.

Those diseases can make people very sick. Sometimes, it can even be life threatening. Some of those infections may also make it difficult for our bodies to absorb the food nutrients they need to get healthy. Unsafe or stale food also deteriorates and be of poor quality, which means they lose nutrients, and we do not get enough of what we need for a healthy diet. Therefore, unsafe food can also lead to poor nutrition.

That is why every food handlers, particularly those who work in F&B businesses, should understand the basic food safety knowledge, including how to handle food properly and the importance of providing safe & healthy food.

NSF Burwater's half-day Basic Food Safety training in Christchurch is designed to provide the knowledge for every food handlers so they can prepare and serve food to their customers. Our Basic Food Safety Training also satisfies local council training requirements and you can also get a basic food safety certificate by attending our basic food safety training!


Basic Food Safety Training Objectives & Outcomes

Topics Covered in NSF Burwater's Basic Food Safety Training:

  • The importance of handling and providing safe food
  • Local and national regulations relating to food safety
  • The cost of foodborne illness
  • Food Safety Hazards
  • Cross-Contamination
  • Personal hygiene
Learning Outcomes:
On completion of the Basic Food Safety Training, you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the costs associated with the supply of unsafe food
  • Describe which regulations relate to the supply of safe food
  • Understand the financial and social cost of unsafe food in New Zealand
  • Explain the main hazards associated with food and give relevant examples within their workplace
  • Explain the principle of cross-contamination and give practical examples within their own workplace

Course Costs

Standard: $140 + GST 
Attend the course and receive a certificate of attendance.*

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*This course complies with local council requirements for food safety training and is taught in English. However, course notes and exams are also available in Chinese, Korean and Cambodian.

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