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Food Control Plans

Food Control plans
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If you are operating food services businesses such as restaurants, cafés, takeaways, catering or hospital kitchens, or if you are food retailers that prepare or manufacture and sell food – including retail butchers, fishmongers, delis and supermarkets, you have to implement and operate your business under a Food Control Plan.

Operating with the FCP will help your business meet its food safety and suitability requirements. It's a management tool for operators. In association with your local Council, we provide the background knowledge to enable food businesses to implement and operate under an FCP and learn how to turn this into an advantage for your business.

This half-day course provides the background and knowledge to enable food businesses to implement and operate under a food control plan (FCP).

Learn how to use a Food Control Plan to generate
sales and increase profits!


What is a Food Control Plan?

A Food Control Plan (FCP) encourages food operators to take direct responsibility for providing their customers with safe food by helping them to manage food safety in their business.

Why Do I Need to Know?

The Government is introducing a new Food Act. The new act proposes measures to ensure the safety and suitability of food. These measures ensure that food safety risks in a wide range of food preparation activities can be controlled and monitored. Checks will be carried out on your businesses.

What’s In It for Me?

The bill is intended to make it easier and, in most cases, less costly to run a food business under an FCP. You will be able to determine your own compliance costs. The frequency of checks will be based on performance; businesses that achieve high standards will be rewarded with less frequent checks.

How Can Burwater Help?

In association with your local Council, we run half-day courses to provide the background knowledge to enable food businesses to implement and operate under an FCP and learn how to turn this into an advantage for your business.

Course options & costs:


Gold: $350 + GST

In addition to the silver option, receive the food safety starter kit. It enables your business to safeguard your customers.

Silver: $250 + GST

In addition to the standard option, receive an approved probe thermometer.           

Standard: $200 + GST

Attend the course and achieve certificate of attendance.
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Course Objectives

  Topics Covered:
  • Food law changes
  • What the new Food law and Food Control Plans mean for you
  • What is in a Food Control Plan template
  • best ways of putting a Food Control Plan in place

Learning Outcomes

  On completion of this course the learner will be able to:
  • Know the legal requirement for operating a Food Control Plan
  • Understand the Role of the Environmental Health Officer (EHO)
  • Describe and explain what an Food Control Plan template is
  • Understand how to use a Food Control Plan to maximise the safety and security their business
  • Use the serve safe principles for controlling the safety of foods
  • Complete the records required within the Food Control Plan
  • Implement the Food Control Plan into their business
  • Understand the financial benefits of operating safely
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