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LCQ Course & LCQ Certificate

Do I need an LCQ Certificate?

If you’re involved in the sale and supply of liquor, you need to have an LCQ Certificate. Our LCQ Course will provide you with the knowledge you need to meet your responsibilities under the law.

When you have an LCQ Certificate, it means you’ve achieved Unit Standards 4646 and 16705, giving you the LCQ and the right to sell and supply liquor lawfully.

How do I get my LCQ Certificate?

NSF Burwater is the answer – we provide LCQ Course, available in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Palmerston North. All you need to do is find the nearest course near you and book. That’s it!

LCQ Course delivered in a SIMPLE and FUN way.

Here’s the deal:

NSF Burwater believes training should be simple, fun and memorable. That way, our trainees remember what they have learnt and can apply the knowledge into their knowledge.

But there’s more!

You’ll also benefit from the knowledge you get from our LCQ Course. When you understand your legal obligations in relation to alcohol and are committed to providing safe drinking environments, the customers and the community will also benefit by being able to enjoy the food & drinks you provide!

Things you’ll learn from our LCQ Course:

  • NZQA US 4646 Demonstrate knowledge of Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and its implications for licensed premises
  • NZQA US 16705 Demonstrate knowledge of Host Responsibility requirements as a Duty Manager of licensed premises
  • Revision throughout the day
  • Open-book examination throughout the day NZQA Demonstrate

Things you’ll earn from our LCQ Course:

  • The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and its implications for licensed premises
  • Alcohol and intoxication in licensed premises as a Duty Manager
  • The responsibilities and requirements for alcohol service in licensed premises as a Duty Manager
  • The maintenance of a safe drinking environment as a Duty Manager

It’s SUPER EASY to get your LCQ Certificate!

Once you’ve completed your LCQ Course, NSF Burwater will apply for your LCQ Certificate for you and you’ll get your LCQ Certificate in no time.

Need a new LCQ Certificate?

That’s not a problem! If you’ve lost or didn’t receive your LCQ Certificate, you can contact us and we’ll issue the new one for you for FREE.

LCQ Course at its BEST COST.

Our LCQ Course is extremely affordable; for just $240+GST, you’ll get a full-day course and a lifetime knowledge (and maybe friends!) that you need as a Duty Manager.

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